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We humans are creatures of habit. And while some habits, like brushing your teeth twice a day, are extremely beneficial, others are less so. There are some things that people do every day that can cause serious damage to their smile. Here are some quick suggestions of habits to avoid in order to have the best smile.

Using your teeth to open things – Sometimes it’s just more convenient to open your ketchup packet with your teeth than with greasy French-fry fingers. But human teeth are not designed to perform this kind of task, and they can crack or chip. Tooth damage is painful and can lead to complications, such as abscesses. Better to just use some scissors.

Chewing ice – Many people chew ice as an alternative to unhealthy snacking or to pass time. But ice has a rigid molecular structure that is incredibly strong, and can crack or chip teeth. Further, it can aggravate tooth sensitivity, causing painful toothaches. Try substituting sugar free gum, instead.

Cough drops – It may seem surprising to include something you take to feel better, but most cough drops are just about as sugary as any hard candy. When you suck on them, these sugars get stuck in the sticky plaque on your teeth and are converted into acid. This acid attacks your tooth enamel and causes cavities in time. Don’t suffer through a cough without relief, but be sure to brush after your cough drop.

Working on healthy habits help ensure great oral health throughout your life. Call Riverfront Dental LLC in Salem, Oregon, to get to work on your new smile today!