A dental crown is type of dental restoration used to treat moderate to severe tooth decay or damage. A dental crown is a metal and/or porcelain covering that is placed over the tooth surface, restoring the strength and beautiful appearance of your smile. Our practiced dentists, Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan, may suggest a dental crown when a filling is not enough to give the damaged tooth proper structure, to fix fractures, to hold a broken tooth together, or to lend support for dental bridges.

It generally requires just two visits to our office to place a dental crown in Salem, Oregon. This is because your dental crown is always custom made and must be created at a high-tech dental laboratory. During your first appointment, molds and impressions will be taken. We will also prepare the tooth by gently reshaping and buffing it; if necessary, a temporary crown will be put into place. Once your dental crown has been created, Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan will ensure that it fits properly and the dental crown will be cemented into place. If you would like to learn more about our dental crowns and how they can restore your smile, please contact Riverfront Dental LLC today. We are excited to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!