There are certain circumstances when a tooth cannot be saved and must be removed. The complete removal of a tooth from its place in the bone socket is called a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction generally occurs because tooth decay or dental trauma has damaged the tooth beyond repair and the tooth has died, rendering it useless. To prevent the decay and infection from spreading, the tooth must be removed. At Riverfront Dental LLC, we understand the impact of losing a tooth and the fears and concerns associated with it. Our caring dental team strives to help you feel comfortable during any tooth extraction in Salem, Oregon. To help restore your beautiful smile, we also offer multiple restorative and cosmetic treatments to replace the missing tooth once your gums have healed.

Another common type of tooth extraction is the removal of your third molars, generally referred to as wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth are the last to erupt from the gumline, they often grow in sideways or become impacted. This improper growth pattern often leads to infection, pain, and abscesses in the mouth. To prevent your wisdom teeth from causing you pain and damaging other teeth, we skillfully remove them in a special surgical treatment. To learn more about the types of tooth extractions Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan, our gentle dentists, are able to perform, please contact our dental office today.