To restore your smile to its pearly white sheen, consider having your teeth whitened through one of our whitening treatments. Over time, your teeth naturally become yellow and dark. Discoloration and stains are most often caused by:

• Age
• Smoking and tobacco use
• Dark-colored drinks, such as coffee, wine, and sodas
• Foods high in sugar or that are highly acidic
• Certain medications and illnesses
• Old dental restorations

Our preferred method of teeth whitening in Salem, Oregon is custom-made plastic trays to be used at home. This allows our patients full control over their teeth whitening results. Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan, our talented dentists, will create plastic whitening trays that fit snuggly over your smile. A special whitening gel is also provided. When the gel is placed into the trays and worn over your teeth, your smile can be lightened by several shades. Our caring dental team will provide detailed instructions on how to use your teeth whitening trays based on your individual cosmetic needs and desires. If you would like to schedule your teeth whitening consultation, we invite you to call Riverfront Dental LLC today! We are excited to help you restore your smile and your confidence.