Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments used to repair tooth decay and damage. In just one visit to our office, Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan, our expert dentists, will be able to remove the decay and restore the size, shape, and function of your tooth. There are two main types of dental fillings available at Riverfront Dental LLC, white fillings and amalgam fillings. A white filling is made of a composite resin material, which can be matched to the natural color of your smile. White fillings are prized for their aesthetic value. An amalgam filling is made of a mixture of metals and is noted for superior strength and durability. Dr. Howe and Dr. Dugan will help you determine which type of dental filling in Salem, Oregon will work best for your smile based on your individual needs and desires.

To apply a dental filling, we will first remove all decay and thoroughly clean the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, the filling is applied. Our dentists then expertly shape the filling to fit your natural bite and the fit of your mouth. Once finished, the dental filling is hardened using a special light. Our caring dental team will continue to check your dental filling at subsequent appointments to ensure it is functioning properly. For more information about dental fillings, contact our dental office today!