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If you are missing teeth, you may be looking into what the best option will be for a replacement. With all of the options out there, dental implants are one of the best methods of tooth replacement. Our team is going to give you all the reasons why you should consider dental implants for tooth replacement.

First, what are dental implants? Dental implants are metal frames that are surgically placed into your jawbone just below the gums. Once in place, your dentist will mount replacement teeth onto the frames.

Did you know that dental implants can give you the normal functions real teeth would? It’s true; dental implants will give you the look and feel of the rest of your natural teeth. Implants are made to give you the stability and strength to withstand the functions of other teeth.

When you visit our office, your dentist will provide you with two available options for dental implants. These implants are called endosteal and subperiosteal, each providing different placement options for your mouth.

Dental implant patients aren’t just the elderly; they consist of all ages. For anyone missing one or all of their teeth, implants can be the right choice for a replacement. Typically when the jaw stops growing is when dental implants can be surgically placed. This usually is around the age of 16 for girls and 18 for boys.

Make sure before you decide on dental implants to talk with your dentist about your dental and medical history. Give our office a call today at 503.370.7651 for any questions you may have about dental implants and what option is best for you.