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Two of the finest tooth restoration services in dentistry today are dental crowns and dental veneers. Both treatments are crafted to enhance the look of your teeth and improve your overall smile. Each treatment has its own set of unique perks, so it’s important to speak with your dentist to decide which one is best for you.

Your oral health service guide with crowns and veneers features the following attributes:

– Dental veneers connect to the fronts of your teeth by removing a small amount of tooth enamel, which is less than the amount needed for crown fittings.

– Typically, crowns can hold teeth together that have been broken into bits.

– Dental veneers are traditionally used to give your smile the perfect look and color.

– Dental crowns can be modified for a design that suits your smile the best.

– Dental veneers will not completely protect your teeth, but rather just conceal the front portions of your teeth with a customized design that suits your smile the best.

– Dental crowns can fully conceal and defend a damaged or decayed tooth while lasting over 2 decades.

Dr. Scott Howe at Riverfront Dental LLC wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you are thinking about getting crowns and veneers, please contact our dentist office in Salem, Oregon, by calling us at 503.370.7651. Let us help you find your healthy smile!