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Tooth loss due to periodontal disease, fracture, decay or extractions cause a loss of functionality that can often be replaced by a pair of dentures. Teeth and gums also provide structure for your facial muscles and also influence your speech. Most people that suffer multiple tooth loss will choose to be fitted for dentures to regain these normal functions.

In some cases you may only need to have some of your teeth removed or you may only have your lower teeth extracted. If you still have some healthy teeth with good bone structure your dentist might advise you to get a partial. This can be fit into the missing gaps giving you back function and cosmetic appearance.

After the initial extraction procedure you will be fitted for a set of temporary dentures. This will help you get by functionally while the permanent pair of dentures is being made at a dental lab.
At first the dentures might feel like they fit loosely in your mouth. Some people will opt for a denture adhesive to give them a firm grip. In time you will get used to the fit and feel of them.

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