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The development of your child’s teeth is important to any parent and as time goes by you look forward to the days their baby teeth fall out, to soon be replaced by permanent teeth. Today our team is going to give you, parents some helpful advice on when to it is appropriate to help your child remove their baby teeth and how you can do it painlessly.

As adult teeth begin to grow, they loosen the roots of the baby teeth, allowing the teeth to fall out more easily. Sometimes these baby teeth will become loose enough they fall out on their own. If a tooth is loose and doesn’t fall out on its own, your child may remove the tooth by simply playing with it.

If the tooth is loose enough, but hasn’t been removed by your child or fallen out on its own, you may want to help your child remove the tooth. To do this, you’ll want to grasp the tooth with a clean tissue or piece of gauze. Give the tooth a little wiggle to make sure the tooth is loose enough. If you feel a lot of resistance, the tooth is not ready to be pulled. But if it feels like it’s loose enough, give the tooth a small pull or twist. This will allow the tooth to be removed safely and pain-free.

If you have any concerns about how your child’s teeth are coming out or how their permanent teeth are coming in, please give our office a call today at 503.370.7651!